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-Premiere December 2023-

Short participatory circus performance, where the audience and performers work together as a collective group. From a participatory choreography, a web/knot of ropes is created with a person at each end. The audience evolves from separate individuals to a collective body working in cooperation. From here, Joren De Cooman and the group use the web as a circus device. The audience catapults Joren into the air and hopefully catches him back. In a playful way, they form a circus collective all together.

WEB brings audiences closer together, connecting them for a short period and an intense experience. Everything starts from this audience and by connecting, stimulating and pushing their limits they themselves form the players of the circus collective. Circus is the binding agent to turn the audience and the artist into this collective. Additionally, pleasure in working together and finding room for individual expression from the audience are given a central role.



ARTISTIC ADVICE Ilon Lodewijks and Toon Van Gramberen

MUSIC Kwinten Mordijck

PHOTO WieBa Photography

CO-PRODUCTION Miramiro, Theater op de Markt and Cirklabo 

PARTNERS GC De Kroon, Circus Zonder Handen and Cirkus in Beweging
WITH THE SUPPORT OF City of Leuven and the Flemish government

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