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Alleen is the first solo piece by Joren De Cooman. He takes his audience on the journey he himself went through during his artistic research into what for him is the essence of the teeterboard. He omits the acrobatic and spectacular images that characterize his circus discipline, just like a jumping partner.


First it is an attempt to make solo of a collective discipline, a direct confrontation with the teeterboard he has been working with for 10 years. This creates a new field of tension; between the board and the body. From here he involves his audience to create a collective again.


By involving the audience directly in the performance, Alleen provides insights into what it means to do teeterboard as a collective. Even more; the audience can literally experience what this collectivity entails. Joren creates the setting, with the aim of being able to fly. However, he relinquishes control over this, trusting that the public will take up this responsibility.



PHOTO Tom Herbots

WITH THE SUPPORT OF Circuscentrum and 30CC 

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